We are passionate about..

Helping you with the digital journey, learning and live events.

RED Lab Experience offer solutions that increase value for your event. We focus on datadriven solutions, that creates results. Each of these puzzle pieces are designed to fit into your already exciting framework, platforms, event design or team. We just add that little extra to take your event from a meeting to an experience. 


Do you know how to navigate between platforms, equipment, online facilitating, speaker prep all while hosting an exciting meeting?

We are passionate about making sure you know how to navigate all these new terms and can execute on the same level as a physical meeting. That’s it!

We are going to take you on a tailormade journey in the digital meeting world. You will get the opportunity to go through a training journey and come out on the other side with all the tools you need to have a home advantage.

An online meeting should deliver value for the attendees and for the companies.

We are passionate about learning, knoweldge sharing and results. Both in our own universe, but we can also create one for you. That’s it!

Our online learning platform is an e-learning platform that provides the opportunity to secure learning, see what is courses your attendees, colleagues, clients or workshop participants. You can also monitor if they complete each step or if they skip ahead.


A conference is no longer just another event you need to organise, you now live board-casting an event on several platforms. You are no longer an event planner but a live event producer.

We are passionate about helping you succeed with all digital meeting formats – hybrid, multi-hub, online. That’s it!

You can choose which part of the journey you need our help with. We are always ready to stand right behind you when you get ready to press the red On Air button at your next live event – without stress and panic. Almost.

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