Who is your sidekick*? Do you host digital meetings and are missing a sidekick that won’t cost you thousands, then we are your new partner! We are passionate about helping you find the right technical and digital tools to feel confident in the online meeting room.

*Sidekick: your wingman, your partner, your chatbot, or just the support you need for your next event.

Digital meeting experiences

How do you create digital meeting experiences that create real value and engagement
We want to help you turn your digital weaknesses into strengths.
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We are passionate about increasing your knowledge about all these new terms and can execute meetings on the same level you have always done.
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We are passionate about learning, knowledge sharing and results. Both in our own REDunivers, but we can also create one for you.
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We are passionate about helping you reach your goals for your digital meetings, whatever format they might be – hybrid, multi-hub, online.
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Digital does not have to be complicated

You do not have to spend your entire budget on tech and AV. We would like to show you how. 

Join us in our REDuniverse

In our REDlearning univers you will find e-leanring courses and workshops that helps you upgrade your skills and provide you with tools to create an online meeting experience.
HIn simple terms, we will give you a quick guide through tech and hardware to software as well as how you facilitate a meeting online – and everything in between.

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Masterclass: Create a digital meeting experience

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Event and Meeting design
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Do you need a platform for your own workshops? We can help you create your own e-learning universe. REDlabel is where we help you plan, design, facilitate and create a online universe for your brand.

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